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We thought about your food so you wouldn't have to.

Soylent means complete nutrition— innovative, science-based, and sustainable. We engineer our ever-evolving products to deliver complete plant based protein, healthy fats, and essential nutrients in convenient and affordable formats that are both good for you and the planet.

What's in Soylent?

Our food scientists carefully select each ingredient in our products to provide the highest nutrient density. Our company was founded on the principle of reducing trade-offs between nutrition, convenience, and sustainability. We continue to use these principles as guides in our product formulation and ingredient selection.



We love soy. Soy Protein Isolate is the core of our products for many reasons.

Soy is the most complete plant based source of protein. This means that it contains all of the essential amino acids that are necessary for healthy, growing, and functioning bodies

Soy is more sustainable than other complete protein sources.

Soy protein isolate is the most sustainable option compared to both whey protein isolate and the blend of pea and rice protein based on these protein’s global warming potential.

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39 Essential Nutrients

Essential nutrients are vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids that are needed for daily body function. However, they are not synthesized by our bodies, therefore we need to ingest them from our food.   When we say complete nutrition we mean in, because we make products that help your body meet its daily nutritional needs.


Healthy Fats

Unlike many other meal replacements, Soylent is high in fats; 47% of the total calories vs 25% of the total calories coming from fat in the leading meal replacement on the market.  Why so much fat? 

Using fats, the right fats, provide satiety and the essential fatty acids like omega-3s that you might not find in your typical meal replacement drink. 

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How do I use Soylent?

Have Soylent on hand whenever you’re about to miss a meal or need a snack between meals. With our flexible subscription plans, you’ll save money and get Soylent shipped to your door every month. Or grab Soylent on the go from a participating retailer. Get involved with the Soylent community! Show us how you use Soylent by posting to social with #FueledBySoylent and #SoylentPioneer.

Our Stance on Sustainability

Soylent was born out of the desire to use science and technology to offer sustainable and nutrient dense products that could be accessible to everyone. Researchers have shown that one way to reduce the impact of global warming is to restrict the consumption of animal products. We are committed to being a plant-based company that does not compromise sustainability in our effort to provide accessible, appealing, and affordable nutrition to all. Learn more about our recent in-depth Life Cycle Analysis here.

Where Can I Get Soylent?

Pick up Soylent right here at Soylent.com — either as a one-time purchase or with a subscription. You can also get Soylent online at Amazon and in select retail stores around the US. Check our Store Locator for participating retailers near you.

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